Referendum Advantages

This referendum was developed with Okaloosa County citizens in mind, and here are some of the advantages to prove it.

Key Advantages

  • A majority (56% seasonally) of monies generated will be paid by tourists
  • Reduces the need to raise property taxes/Lower Ad valorem taxes paid by propertyowners
  • Monies collected can only be used for a list of critical needs over a 10 year period
  • Appointed advisory and citizen oversight committees will be convened assuring government accountability
  • Every dollar collected will be spent in Okaloosa County
  • Potential to leverage matching state and federal dollars to maximize investments
  • Monies collected will be divided based on population in each municipality and unincorporated Okaloosa County
  • Discretionary sales surtax applies ONLY to the first $5,000 of any single taxable Item (such as motor vehicle, mobile homes or boats)
  • A half-cent surtax increase (from 6% to 6.5%) on $5,000 item would result in only an additional $25.
  • On a $100 item this would result in only an additional $0.50
  • Okaloosa County Median Income $55,768. Based on average annual spending on taxable goods, a half cent surtax would increase sales tax expenditures $132.50 per person PER YEAR, or $11 per month.
  • The average Okaloosa County homeowner would likely pay an additional $400 in ad valorem taxes to generate the same revenue this surtax would provide.

Key Factors

Check out other key factors the referendum weighs in on!

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