Public Safety

County law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services are charged with ensuring the protection of citizens, organizations and institutions against threats to their well-being and to the prosperity of their communities.

Sheriff Larry Ashely

We’re at a critical turning point in this community.

"We must step up now to invest in our community and tourists must share the costs - or we’ll all pay the price with a declining quality of life."


This isn't just a patch job.

Our current public safety and law enforcement communication systems are out of date and are unreliable. This half cent sales tax addresses several concerns in various areas of public access.

Some of what's really needed to strengthen Okaloosa County public safety.

  • Creation of single entry structures, metal detectors, video cameras, enhanced weapon systems to navigate extremely complex shooting scenarios, and better protection for deputies.
  • Ensure safety of Okaloosa County citizens, deputies and first responders by providing modern and reliable communication systems such as:
  • Intra-agency operability between all Okaloosa county deputies and first responders
  • The 9-1-1 System, and Mobile Emergency response equipment

The county's first responders are in need of support as well.

We know that when it comes to emergencies every second counts, and that most wouldn't want anything less than optimal in terms of speed in response times and services provided. This need is adressed by ensuring ample, reliable and adequately equipped vehicles such as:

  • Street and marine patrol vehicles
  • Hazmat and bomb squad
  • Ambulances

Deputies and first responders need training in the latest protocols to maximize and expedite their duties. We'll do this by building adequate, up-to-date facilities and bring enhancements to others in a way that supports a safe environment for our citizens.

  • Training facilities for public safety officials, first responders and citizens
  • A safe and secure room for court ordered family visitation
  • An efficient and secure logistics facility for the processing of criminals, crime evidence and victims


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