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Roads & Traffic Congestion

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The Half-Cent Benefit

The Half Cent Surtax (HCTS) Referendum addresses all of funding needs that affect Okaloosa County, it's municipalities and the entire community.

“As a large company with over 350 employees based in Crestview, Florida, Crestview Aerospace has a significant number of staff that use Highway 85 in their daily commute to and from work. Any improvements to alleviate congestion on this highway would significantly reduce scheduling challenges and increase our ability to recruit and retain talent. We are strong supporters of our community and we applaud any efforts that will improve the quality of life of Floridians while also improving the productivity of our local businesses.”
Brian Anderson
Senior Vice President / General Manager
Vertex Aerospace – Crestview Division

The roadway issues that face us aren't pretty.

Our roads and highways are congested and traffic patterns are not conducive to our growing population and seasonal increases of visitors. In order to reduce traffic congestion in key areas throughout the county and keep our roadways safe, streamlined turning lanes, upgraded designs for traffic flow, right-of-way improvements and lighting/directional signals are all essential elements that need to be addressed.

Designing and implementing new traffic patterns and alternate roadways in the county.

  • Crestview Southwest Bypass
  • Destin Crosstown Connector

Upgrading and adding new traffic lights, improving intersection safety and traffic flow.

  • College Boulevard west and SR 85 in Niceville
  • Lewis Turner Boulevard and Hospital Road, Fort Walton Beach

This also includes resurfacing projects across the county.

  • Lewis St./Mayflower Avenue in Fort Walton Beach
  • Lovejoy Road, Fort Walton Beach
  •  Santa Rosa Blvd, Okaloosa Island


Key Factors

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