The Tourist Advantage

56% of sales tax generated in Okaloosa County is collected during tourist season.

With this referendum, we all contribute!

Okaloosa Citizens, Property Owners, Tourists, Visitors Crossing Through Our County – EVERYONE! By adding a half cent surtax vs. raising property taxes to pay for desperately needed infrastructure improvements/public safety enhancements—we actually save local citizens annually—and have visitors-who use our roads, law enforcement and other services— pay their fair share of the costs!!

Let's see how all of this will work together for the benefit of the community.

  • Reduces the need to raise property taxes, thus keeping ad valorem taxes paid by property owners low
  • Monies collected can ONLY be used for critical capital infrastructure needs over a 10 year period. It cannot be used for operations or maintenance.
  • A citizen advisory and oversight committee will be appointed to assure government accountability


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A Community Powered Solution

By providing safe reliable transportation networks, while also preserving water quality and adhering to all State and Federal regulatory requirements, they operate to insure the health and safety of the visitors and citizens of Fort Walton Beach.

Okaloosa County has always been a proponent of local businesses that welcome our well-meaning visitors with open arms smiles all around. We believe it takes all of us to get to the finish line, and all of us to make our communities better.

Several municipalities are on board with resolutions to this referendum, and are prepared to make Okaloosa County safer, cleaner, and more awesome place for our visitors!

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Safety first, an Okaloosa policy.

The Half Cent Surtax (HCTS) Referendum addresses all of funding needs that affect Okaloosa County, it's municipalities and the entire community.

These are just some of the benefits to this measure. For more information, visit the areas below.

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Key Factors

Check out other key factors the referendum weighs in on!

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