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The One Half Cent Surtax Referendum

The policy for the greater good.

Official Wording For the November 6th, 2018 Election  One Half Cent Sales Tax Referendum


Referendum to impose a one-half cent surtax to fund essential improvements and infrastructure

Shall the County be authorized to levy a ten year, onehalf cent per dollar sales surtax on taxable transactions occurring within Okaloosa County effective January 1, 2019 for funding of critical needs including essential law enforcement/public safety facilities, vehicles and vital communications equipment; reduce traffic congestion; construction and repairing of roads and bridges; flood control and water quality improvements and construct other public facility improvements and pay debt, subject to oversight by a citizens’ committee?



Official Letter to the citizens from the board, June 2018

Dear Citizens of Okaloosa County:

When our Sheriff, Larry Ashley, tells us that if WE do not do something soon, we will not enjoy the same quality of life we currently experience in Okaloosa County, then it is time for us to take action.

When our roads flood any time it rains, it is time for us to take action. When our bay’s clean water is being polluted by dirty storm water because we do not have adequate facilities to collect storm water, it is time for us to take action.

Now is our time. It is time to reinvest in Okaloosa County by supporting the half-cent sales surtax which will help enhance our public safety, and help address the problems that plague our roads and waterways.

Fifty-six percent of sales tax generated is collected during the tourist season. Isn't it time for them to pay their fair share of our infrastructure costs?

On November 6, this one-half cent surtax referendum will be on the ballot in Okaloosa County. By voting “YES,” we are voting to reinvest in Okaloosa County. By doing nothing, we are just letting the problems fester and losing the opportunity we have to keep Okaloosa County safe and a good place to live.


We cannot ignore our critical infrastructure and continue to enjoy the quality of life we cherish in Okaloosa County.


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Let's be a forward thinking community of YES.

The Half Cent Surtax (HCTS) Referendum addresses all funding needs that affect Okaloosa County, it's municipalities and the entire community.

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