Resolutions and words of support from many of our community municipalities and key leaders.

Overwhelming support from the majorities!

"Although traditionally, Republicans are hesitant to support any form of tax increase, the fact that this is a user tax that will be shared not just with the Okaloosa County residents, but also all visitors to the area, was a convincing factor of this proposal.  With the acknowledgement that this increase will sunset in 10 years and will be used for infrastructure projects that are needed for the future growth and enhancement of our county, this group is in full support of its passage."

Mark Franks
Chairman, Okalossa County Republican Executive Committee

When do we finally figure out that our community is not Democrats, Republicans and NPAs (Red or Blue), but people with issues that need to be solved! Today, Okaloosa County Democratic Black Caucus supports the issue of infrastructure with the first solution of voting yes on the Half Cent Surtax  Referendum. It is our civic responsibility to make sure our community is safe, has adequate roads, enhances  public safety and ensures water quality. United, as a community, We can take the first step vote yes!
Jill Lewis-Daggs
President Okaloosa Democratic Black Caucus

Referendum Resolutions of Support

The following have provided resolutions of support for the Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners to levy a half cent sales tax to fund capital improvement projects:

  • Okaloosa County League of Cities
  • City of Crestview
  • City of Fort Walton Beach
  • City of Niceville
  • City of Mary Esther
  • Town of Shalimar
  • City of Valparaiso
  • Town of Cinco Bayou
  • City of Laurel Hill
  • City of Destin
  • Destin Chamber
  • Niceville Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce
  • Okaloosa County Economic Development Council
  • Emerald Coast Association of Realtors
  • Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce

Resolutions of Support

From the surrounding cities in our county!

  • League of Cities
  • City Of Fort Walton Beach
  • City Of Crestview
  • City Of Mary Esther
  • City Of Niceville
  • Okaloosa County
  • Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber
  • Town of Cinco Bayou
  • Town Of Shalimar
  • City Of Valparaiso
  • City Of Destin
  • Destin Chamber
  • Niceville Valparaiso Chamber
  • Okaloosa EDC
  • Emerald Coast AOR
  • City Of Laurel Hill
  • RPOC
  • Democratic Black Caucus

Key Factors

Check out other key factors the referendum weighs in on!

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